Autoworld is a leader in the motor and marine trade industry in Zambia. It holds key distributorships for trusted international brands, and community work is a key part of its commitment to Zambia.

The Autoworld team

  • Kitwe, fitment team

  • Kitwe, shop team

  • Livingstone, fitment team

  • Livingstone, shop team

  • Lusaka, Comesa, fitment team

  • Lusaka, Comesa, shop team

  • Lusaka, Downtown, fitment team

  • Lusaka, Downtown, shop team

  • Lusaka, Freedom Way, fitment team

  • Lusaka, Freedom Way, shop team

  • Lusaka, Freedom Way, showroom team

  • Lusaka, Freedom Way, tyre centre team

  • Lusaka, Woodlands, fitment team

  • Lusaka, Woodlands, shop team

  • Mazabuka, fitment team

  • Mazabuka, shop team

  • Ndola, fitment team

  • Ndola, shop team

  • Kapiri, fitment team

  • Kapiri, shop team

Autoworld background and team

  • Autoworld Zambia was founded by Noble Findlay in 1992. Twenty years on and 11 branches later, Noble Findlay is the company Chairman.

  • Autoworld history

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  • Expert teams

  • Friendly service

Autoworld has 11 branches in Zambia, since it started in 1992. It caters to the needs of any vehicle or boat and has an extensive range of quality guaranteed products and services.

Nine Autoworld outlets have a fitment centre. Only the Lusaka, Buseko and Chipata branch do not. Each outlet with a fitment centre has the latest state of the art electronic equipment providing motor vehicle servicing, car audio system and electronic security installations, and professional wheel balancing and alignment. Autoworld is also a marine specialist, stocking a broad range of marine boats, engines, equipment and marine spare parts. Other ranges include lifestyle products, alongside tools and equipment.

Autoworld was founded by the company Chairman, Noble Findlay along with the help of three other Directors; Noble’s wife, Cossie Findlay, and their two sons, Glenn and Christopher Findlay. Two other people that have been influential in the establishment of the company include Noble Findlay’s two nephews David and Pierre Findlay.

The company is managed by the Directors and a management team that includes a Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Accountants, Internal Auditor, Purchasing Manager, IT Specialist, General Manager, Marketing Executive, Store Controllers, Warehouse Managers, Human Resource Manager and Branch Managers. The total number of employees in 2012 was 300.

Autoworld opened it’s first branch in 1992. Between 1992 and 2002 Autoworld opened three more branches. The largest Autoworld branch opened in 2006 on the Kafue Road next to the Downtown Shopping Centre in Lusaka. This branch consists of the main boat showroom, fitment centre, retail outlet, warehouse and ample parking. Autoworld now holds three franchises, Kabwe, Chipata and Mukwa Road in the Buseka Industrial Area in Lusaka. All three were opened in 2007. In 2009 Autoworld established a sister company, Woodlands Shopping Mall. The team took the opportunity to build a shopping centre in a well established residential area of Woodlands in Lusaka. The Autoworld branch within the centre offers late night shopping (till 21:00 hours) and Sunday Fitment Centre opening hours. The eleventh Autoworld store opened in 2012 in Kapiri.

Autoworld continues to strive to be an innovative business offering top quality products and services that are efficient and reliable. The team listens to customer feedback and aims for continuous improvement so that it remains a leader in its industry.

Zambia Motor Sports Association

Autoworld is a proud supporter of local and international rallies in Zambia. To maintain standards and safety in rallies it provides premises, equipment and technicians free of charge.

The Rally scrutineering venue is Autoworld. Rally participants bring their cars to Autoworld fitment centres and use our state of the art equipment. 

Autoworld also supports motor sport events through cash donations for the local and international rallies. The Zambia Motor Sport Association (ZMSA) is affiliated with the Federation Internationale de l’automobile (FIA) and the Federation of Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). It is the only association that handles both cycles and automobiles under one umbrella. It is a well organised association which Autoworld is proud to be associated with.

Zambia Sport Fishing Association

Autoworld regularly supports Zambia Sport Fishing Association (ZSFA) competitions through sponsorship and prizes.

Autoworld Chairman, Noble Findlay has always been a keen fisherman and has been a participant in ZFSA competitions for many years. It has been sponsoring fishing competitions for the past 20 years on the Kafue River, Zambezi River and Lake Tanganika.

When Autoworld became a Mercury Marine distributor, an official partnership between ZSFA and Autoworld began. The Autoworld team are proud to promote conservation through the ZSFA’s strong catch and release policy, and by supplying leading technology Mercury Marine boat engines which are significantly more environmentally friendly.

Elephant Charge

The Elephant Charge is an annual off-road motor sport challenge held in the Zambian bush to raise money for conservation and wildlife education.

The Elephant Charge is a team event for cars and motorbikes that requires great stamina, driving ability and navigation skills. Held each year in October, the event brings together competitors, friends, families and supporters for a weekend of fun and competition in the Zambian wilderness.

In 2011 Team Autoworld raised US$10,670. The target for 2012 was US$15,000. But with such great support, Team Autoworld raised a staggering US$25,368, the most raised by any team in 2012! Every cent was donated to The Elephant Charge.  

As well as Autoworld sponsoring its own team, it is an official sponsor of the whole Elephant Charge event, providing a fully equipped mobile shop and workshop, with all the equipment needed for emergency repairs to rally vehicles and motorbikes. As official distributors of TJM products in Zambia, TJM and Autoworld also jointly sponsor a trophy and prize for the event. 

Mother of Mercy Hospice

100% reliant on donations, the hospice serves the community with free palliative care for the terminally ill and an Anti Retroviral Treatment Clinic that treats 2,400 patients a month. 

Championed by Autoworld Director, Cossie Findlay, the Mother of Mercy Hospice in Chilanga is supported by Autoworld, Vision Africa and many other local and international supporters. The hospice provides a free service for the very sick and vulnerable in the local community. A community school is now attached to the hospice because so many dying parents were asking the Sisters to look after their children. In 2011, the school had 400 students.

The hospice is especially close to Cossie’s heart. From her first ever visit she has witnessed true dedication to helping the sick and dying, through lots of loving care and people being treated with dignity and respect. And, like every family in Zambia, Cossie has been affected by the illness HIV and AIDS.

The hospice board was headed up by an amazing man called Dr. Micheal Bush, OBE. Sadly he died in March 2012. Mike Bush was a British Doctor who came out to Zambia on contract. He was one of many who ended up staying. Mike dedicated his life work to helping the sick and dying, and over many years became an expert on the illness of HIV and AIDS. Mike Bush, was the Findlay family Doctor. He asked Cossie to join the board and support the Mother of Mercy Hospice in 2003. Cossie saw that being a Director of Autoworld carried weight in terms of fundraising and getting doors opened. Cossie is now dedicated to continuing the work at the hospice in honour of Mike Bush. The board members support the Sisters in charge with fundraising and policy management. 

Linda Compound

Linda Compound is home to over 30,000 residents. In association with Vision Africa and other fund raising supporters, Autoworld have been responsible for putting in clean drinking water, donating food and basic medicines on a monthly basis, and raising funds to assist in ongoing community projects. 

The main project in Linda Compound right now is the building of a community centre. It will open up opportunities for all residents through adult literacy classes, women’s associations and provide a community meeting place. The opportunities are endless with such a building and the Linda Compound community have been looking forward to a community centre for a long time.

Autoworld supports Linda Compound because of Director, Cossie Findlay’s involvement with the Mother of Mercy Hospice. Her work extended into Linda Compound when Vision Africa asked Cossie to find a project they could fund raise for in the UK. At the time, Cossie and her good friend, Humphrey Gondwe, a local psychology counsellor,  took a trip into the nearest compound. That was Linda Compound where they found children dying of water borne diseases because they were drinking dirty water. Water is the essence of life and it made sense to help supply clean water to the compound.

Since Vision Africa started sinking boreholes and extending the water supply across the Compound, there has never been an outbreak of cholera in the Compund in the rainy season since. Over the years that Cossie has been involved in supporting Linda Compound, she remains humbled by the project and has rejoiced in the delight something as simple as a clean glass of water has made to her fellow Zambians.

St Ignatious Fête

An annual Fête which raises money to support the less privileged, which Autoworld makes an annual donation toward.

St Ignatious is a Catholic Church Parish in Lusaka. Autoworld chose to start supporting St. Ignatius Church Fête in 2002. It is a popular fête which attracts many Lusaka residents and gives visitors a fun day out for a very good course. Money raised at the fête is well accounted for and Autoworld is proud to be an annual supporter.